BBA (Hons.) E-commerce and Digital Marketing

BBA (Hons.) E-commerce and Digital Marketing is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the application of digital technologies for marketing and managing online businesses.

BBA (Hons.) E-commerce and Digital Marketing is a 4-year undergraduate degree program that covers the principles and practices of electronic commerce, digital marketing, and information technology. It equips students with the skills and knowledge to apply digital technologies to manage and market businesses online. The program covers topics such as online business strategy, web development, online marketing, social media marketing, consumer behavior, E-commerce law, and data analytics.

The degree aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the digital economy, where online business and marketing strategies are becoming increasingly important. Through a mix of theoretical and practical learning, students develop the ability to analyze market trends, design and implement effective online marketing strategies and manage e-commerce operations.

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    Course Information

    Admission Procedure

    Merit prepared on basis of the qualifying exam

    Provisional Admission

    Seats to be allocated based on projected scores(12th), calculated basis the candidate’s 10th percentage – only meritorious students


    All interested candidates should have passed Class XII from a recognized board of examination in any stream with not less than 60% marks.

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    Career Prospects

    With the rapidly evolving digital landscape, professionals in this field must continually learn and adapt to new technologies, techniques, and trends. A successful career in this field can offer high job prospects and strong earning potential. Graduates can expect to work in diverse roles across industries ranging from retail and consumer goods to financial services and technology. 

    Finally, a career in E-commerce and digital marketing provides opportunities for professional growth and development. The following is a list of occupations for a BBA (Hons.) E-commerce and Digital Marketing graduates can choose from: 

    • Digital Marketing Manager 
    • E-commerce Manager 
    • Social Media Manager 
    • Content Marketing Manager 
    • Online Marketing Executive 
    • Digital Advertising Manager 
    • Web Analytics Manager 
    • Web Designer
    • UX Designer
    • SEO/SEM Specialist 
    • Data Analyst 
    • Business Analyst 
    • Entrepreneur (Starting own business)

    Key Highlights

    BBA (Hons.) in E-commerce and Digital Marketing provides students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in this fast-paced, technology-driven field. It allows graduates to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their studies and gain valuable work experience. Practical experience is essential in the field of E-commerce and digital marketing, where skills are highly valued by employers. 

    The course consists of the following in its curriculum: 

    • Business Communication: covers effective communication skills in business settings. Students learn to write and present reports, proposals, and emails in a clear, concise, and professional manner. 
    • Business Statistics: focuses on the statistical methods used in business analysis. Students learn to analyze data and make informed decisions using tools such as regression analysis, probability theory, and hypothesis testing. 
    • Critical Analysis & Writing: This course helps develop critical thinking and writing skills. One would be able to analyze complex texts, evaluate arguments, and express their ideas effectively in writing. 
    • Introduction to Sociology: helps understand the sociological perspective and the study of human social behavior. Topics covered include socialization, culture, inequality, and social change. 
    • Management Information Systems: One gains knowledge about the principles and practices of information systems used in business operations. Students learn to use software applications for data analysis, project management, and decision-making. 
    • Visual Design: highlights the fundamentals of visual design, including color theory, typography, layout, and graphic design software. Pupils will use effective visual communications for websites, social media, and other digital platforms. 
    • Content Marketing: consists of the principles and practices of creating and distributing valuable content to attract and retain customers. Students will find it easy to create content strategies, develop content for different channels, and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. 
    • Social Media Marketing: covers the principles and practices of using social media platforms to promote products and services. One learns to create social media strategies, develop engaging content, and measure the impact of their campaigns.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is BBA Hons in E-commerce & Digital Marketing?

    BBA Hons in E-commerce & Digital Marketing is an undergraduate degree program that combines the study of business administration, e-commerce, and digital marketing. It equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the principles of e-commerce and digital marketing in a global context, as well as to manage the operations and strategies of businesses in the digital world. 

    What is the scope of BBA Hons in E-commerce and Digital Marketing?

    BBA Hons in E-commerce and Digital Marketing offers a wide range of opportunities in various industries such as e-commerce, marketing, advertising, and digital media. Graduates can work in roles such as Digital Marketing Executive, Social Media Manager, E-commerce Specialist, and Online Advertising Manager, among others. With the growing importance of digital marketing, there is a high demand for graduates who possess knowledge and skills in this field. 

    What are the benefits of pursuing a BBA Hons in E-commerce and Digital Marketing program?

    The program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of e-commerce and digital marketing. It equips them with essential skills such as data analysis, content creation, search engine optimization, and social media management. Graduates can expect to have a competitive edge in the job market and can pursue a variety of career paths.

    How can students prepare for the BBA Hons in E-commerce and Digital Marketing program?

    Students can prepare for the program by reading up on the latest digital marketing trends and technologies, and by gaining experience in relevant areas such as social media management and content creation. Students can also attend workshops and seminars to gain exposure to the latest technologies and practices. A strong foundation in marketing principles and basic coding languages can also be beneficial.