International Workshop on Smart Agriculture & Biomedical Science – IWSAB23

Graphic Era (Deemed to be University) is organizing a forthcoming workshop on the “International workshop on smart agriculture and biomedical science.” AI has revolutionized various fields, including agriculture and biomedical sciences. The participants will have the opportunity to explore the use of AI techniques to meet
and work with complex and real problems in the field of agriculture cum biomedical sciences. Our expert speakers of national and international repute will provide insights into the latest developments and applications of AI in agriculture & biomedical research. This workshop will cover the diferent aspects of computer vision and drone technology in the field of agriculture. The idea is to present various applications including segmentation, classification of plant diseases, monitoring of crops, grade or quality estimation of fruits, flowers, vegetables or crops, surveillance, soil deficiency estimation, crop plant growth estimation, canopy measurement, water stress management, vegetation indices calculation, weed detection, spraying, among others. The recent development of high-end computing devices and the adaptation of unmanned aerial vehicles has provided a mechanism to automate the agriculture industry’s traditional practices. The on-field or aerial images captured with the help of cameras are processed with the help of intelligence algorithms and an assessment can be drawn as an outcome. This practice efficiently provides a precise, timely, and economical decision-making system to over the problems of agricultural field experts and farmers, increasing the quality and quantity of crop yields. Participants will learn about the various machine-learning techniques used in biomedical sciences and how AI can support the development of personalized treatment plans. The workshop will also provide hands-on experience in using AI tools for biomedical research. The participants will also work with state-of-the-art AI algorithms and apply them to real-world problems in the biomedical field.
Whether you are a researcher, student, or industry professional, this workshop will provide valuable insights into the use of AI in biomedical sciences. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting event and exploring the future of AI in healthcare.