While you’re immersed in top grade academics along with out of the box practical exposure in all fields, for those who have a knack of sweating it out on the field will have a gala time in the campus, throughout the year. The Sports activities in the University allow all students to maintain fitness and discipline in their life by choosing a sport of their choice and excel in it till the highest level.

The Sports Staff in the University includes coaches who’ve represented the Country at the highest level and have professional training and certifications from the Sports Authority of India.

The University participates in the North Zone Inter-University Sports competition every year since it is an esteemed member of the conglomeration All India Universities Association. Students have excelled in all dimensions here, and have made it to a position where they are now respected Sports Persons at the National Level. For both dedicated Sports Aspirants along with fitness enthusiasts, the University’s Sporting heritage will keep everyone in good stead during one’s stay here.