Dr. Soumendra K. Roy | Faculty Chemistry

Dr. Soumendra K. Roy
Assistant Professor


• Relativistic ab initio Quantum Chemical Calculations of Heavy Atoms and Molecules
• Applications of Density Functional Theory in Physics and Chemistry Oriented Problems

• Ph.D. (in Chemistry), Department of Chemistry, BHU, Varanasi, India
• M.Sc (Specialization in Physical Chemistry), BHU, Varanasi, India
• B.Sc (H) (Honors in Chemistry), Christ College, Utkal University, India

• NSFC Postdoctoral Fellowship (2014 – 2016) for Research in China
• DST Funding for Research in IIT Bombay, India
• NET (2002), CSIR-UGC, India
• UGC Fellowship in PhD, BHU, India

Dr. Soumdndra Roy is currently working as a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Graphic Era (Deemed to be) University, Dehradun. After working 2 years as a Research Associate in IIT Bombay and more than 2 years as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Tsinghua University, he joined as an Associate Professor in the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Shaanxi University of Technology, China, but after four years he left the job due to pandemic. His primary research area focuses on the wavefunction-based computational aspects of theoretical atomic and molecular physics, especially to solve the problems related to relativistic effects (Spin-Orbit Coupling) and electron correlation in heavy atoms and molecules and to simulate their eigen spectra. The DFT calculations are also the part of his research to solve many physics and chemistry oriented problems in case of large molecules, especially to study the molecular interactions, stabilities, spectra, etc., on which he is active at present. He has published 20 papers in the reputed internationals Journals of physics and chemistry.