Dr. Vinod Kumar | Faculty Food Science and Technology

Dr. Vinod Kumar
Associate Professor and Head

Algal Research and Bioenergy, 3D Food Printing

• Ph.D. Chemistry, H.N.B. Garhwal University, India (2011)
• M.Sc. Biochemistry, H.N.B. Garhwal University, India (2006)
• B.Sc. CBZ, H.P. University, India (2004)

• On-going (2023-2026): Sustainable capturing of flue gases by an integrated phototrophic-heterotrophic microbial consortium coupled with bioelectricity and biofuel production, Indo-Russian Project, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India (50 Lakhs)
• Completed (2019-2021): Municipal wastewater treatment by microalgae and its following hydrothermal liquefaction to reach the sustainable and efficient use of renewable resources, Indo-Russian Project, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India (23 Lakhs)

• Honorary Research Fellow of JIHT, Russian Academy of Sciences (2022)
• Young Scientist (Category-II) in 15th Uttarakhand State Science and Technology Congress, UCOST (2022)

• Scientific Planet Society

Dr. Vinod Kumar is a distinguished researcher and academician renowned for his expertise in the field of algal research and bioenergy. He currently serves as the Head of the Department of Food Science & Technology at this prestigious institution as well as a Visiting Scientist at the Department of Environmental Monitoring and Forecasting, Ecological Faculty, RUDN University, Russia.

Dr. Kumar’s journey into the realm of scientific exploration began with a deep-rooted passion for understanding and harnessing the potential of algae as a sustainable resource. His research efforts primarily revolve around exploring the diverse applications of algae in the domains of bioenergy, environmental sustainability and 3D food printing. As a leading authority in this field, he has contributed significantly to the advancement of algal research. His groundbreaking studies have focused on developing innovative methodologies to optimize algal growth, lipid production, and extraction techniques for biofuel generation. He has played a vital role in exploring the viability of various algal species for bioenergy production, working towards the development of sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional energy sources. His research also extends in enhancing the understanding of algal properties and promoting their integration into the global food system.

With a strong commitment to scientific collaboration and knowledge dissemination, Dr. Vinod Kumar has actively involved in various national and international research projects. He has published extensively in reputable scientific journals. Through his active involvement in the scientific community, he has fostered interdisciplinary collaborations and facilitated the exchange of ideas, contributing to the overall advancement of algal research and bioenergy exploration.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Dr. Vinod Kumar is also deeply committed to education and mentorship. He has guided and inspired numerous students, nurturing their scientific curiosity and helping them pursue successful careers.