Universidade Federal De Pelotas (UFPel), Brazil

Graphic Era deemed to be university signs the MOU with Universidade Federal De Pelotas (UFPEL), Brazil. The Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel) is a higher education institution recognized as a leading center of academic excellence in many areas of knowledge both in Brazil and abroad.

Run by principles of a democratic, transparent, participatory, and inclusive administration, UFPel is now a key agent for the political, economic, and cultural development of communities in Brazil’s southern region.

The origins of UFPel account for the university’s rich cultural heritage, which includes historic buildings of recognized architectural value and many movable assets, such as pieces of artwork and other art collections found in its museums’ collections.

With education, research and extension projects as its underlying principles, UFPEL is, above all, a public patrimony concerned with the mediation of the search for sustainable solutions for both social and scientific demands. The university’s mission is to further the professional’s integral and permanent education, building knowledge and culture while maintaining its commitment to the values of life and the construction and progress of society.

The MOU between GEU and UFPel includes:

  • Student Exchange Program;
  • Faculty Exchange Program;
  • Joint Research, Seminars and Workshops;
  • Sharing of Pedagogical Information;

Semester Exchange Programs, etc

Admissions Open 2023

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