Kavi Sammelan

The Annual Kavi-Sammelan at Graphic Era is more than a decade old tradition, where the best poets of all time from all domains offering all flavors are gathered upon one stage, with a treat of a lifetime on offer. The stage has seen greats like Dr. Ashok Chakradhar, Dr. Rahat Indori, Pt. Om Vyas, Hullar Moradabadi and many more, and has honored their legendary status in the manner they should.

With packed houses year after year, the popularity seems to be only growing, the latest edition was an astounding success with Dr. Rahat Indori setting the stage on fire. We’ve captured some moments for you from this year’s event in the form of pictures, but you can also relive the moment with Dr. Indori’s treat as well

Watch Kavi Sammelan

The Kavi Sammelan held in Graphic Era University was a well-established event that captured the attention of many. The purpose of such a gathering is to promote the rich culture of Hindi poetry, where poets from different parts of the country recite their compositions to an enthusiastic audience. This event showcased the beauty of the language, with its eloquent verses and enchanting melodies. The audience was engrossed in the performances, and it was evident that the poets had managed to capture their attention. The Kavi Sammelan was a great success and demonstrated the power of poetry to connect people and transcend cultural barriers.