Going ahead vs Getting Dragged Backwards

There is always one or the other thing which is there in trend and often becomes a cliché. One of those things is the ability on FB to let people know what’s on your mind or where you are or what you are doing at the very moment.

Some people are so fond of it that you can even track their location throughout the week.

Recently I saw one such post from friend saying “Chilling at – The Walkway”.  For reference of all you people “The Walkway” is a recently built Shopping Mall in my hometown. Well,  I would surely love  to use the word CITY for the place now, as it is surely taking big strides to become so.

Every time I enter my hometown there … Read More

Don’t Judge….

The Cricket World Cup is on and you would see cricket everywhere. The newspapers, the television everything is breathing cricket these days.

As usual my timeline on Facebook was cluttered with all the stuff that people shared, liked etc.  Just then there popped up a video of one of the cricketer speaking in absurd English amidst a press conference. Well, it was not the first time that I was watching that video but seeing it again somehow I felt a bit sad.

The foremost thing which made me feel a bit gloomy was that the cricketer was being judged for something which had nothing to do with the reason he was there for. If you would actually judge him for the reason why he is sitting there … Read More

A Typical Indian Cricket Fan

Well if one has followed Indian cricket ever, then he/she must be aware of one of the integral part of it i.e. the temperamental Indian cricket fan.

Throughout the cricket calendar year he seldom keeps mum. There is one or the other thing happening around the team which keeps him engaged. Below are a few:

  1. When Virat Kohli is scoring runs and piling on the centuries, then he is said to be synonymous to SRT and the coolest batsman around, now there comes a failure in the England tour and the fan starts seeing technical glitches in his batting.
  1. The brutal Viru faced repeated failures and everybody wanted him to be replaced, Shikhar Dhawan comes up and succeeds. Now few matches and Dhawan starts failing too! There
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Suddenly everyone stopped on a busy highway to let a small puppy cross the road and I knew humanity is alive.

The small kid seemed lost, it was a long day for him being there at the railway station stairs and then a girl came by and spent her few minutes smiling and talking with him and the kid was cheerful again, and I knew humanity is alive.

The luggage was too heavy for her; those old shoulders couldn’t bear this weight any more. Then he came by and took the bag from her and helped her into her compartment, her “long live beta” had all the love and affection and I knew humanity is alive.

The sirens were blaring all around. The ambulance was in a … Read More

Lest we forget 26/11, Lest we forget the Martyrs..


Diwali is one of my favorite festivals, I really enjoy being with my close ones within the illuminated world on this day. However the thing which I don’t like much about Diwali is bursting of the crackers and all that noise.

If I remember aptly, it has been over a decade since I have shunned bursting crackers. Even few of my closest mates have stopped doing so.

Well, this Diwali was however a bit different as I was at my sister’s place and for the sake of my niece I had to get into burning a few. Though one day when she will grow up, I hope that she would also join me in the crusade of no noise and air pollution. (Ahh the word crusade … Read More