BA English

BA English is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the study of English language, literature, and writing, and prepares students for various careers in communication, media, education, and more.

Bachelor of Arts in English or BA Eng, is an undergraduate degree program that is designed to equip students with a strong foundation in the English language, literature, and culture. This program is ideal for students who are passionate about the English language and its use in various forms of communication.

It typically takes three years to complete and offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a range of topics related to English language and literature. The program aims to enhance students’ critical thinking, reading, and writing skills, as well as their ability to analyze literary texts and cultural artifacts.

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    Course Information

    Admission Procedure

    Merit prepared on basis of the qualifying exam

    Provisional Admission

    Seats to be allocated based on projected scores(12th), calculated basis the candidate’s 10th percentage – only meritorious students


    Candidates who had passed 12th in any stream from a recognized board of examination in any stream with not less than 60% .

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    Career Prospects

    The BA Eng program at Graphic Era (Deemed to be) University opens up a wide range of career opportunities for students. The program is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in a variety of fields, including but not limited to:

    • Education: The BA Eng program is an excellent choice for those who wish to pursue a career in teaching. With a degree in English, students can become English teachers in schools, colleges, and universities.
    • Journalism: The program also prepares students for a career in journalism. Students can work as reporters, editors, or writers for newspapers, magazines, and online publications.
    • Advertising and Marketing: The BA Eng program is also suitable for those who wish to pursue a career in advertising and marketing. With excellent communication skills, students can work as copywriters, content creators, or public relations professionals.
    • Public Service: The program also opens up opportunities for students to work in public service. They can become civil servants or work in the government as communication officers.
    • Content Writing and Social Media: With the rise of digital marketing and social media, there is a growing demand for content writers and social media managers. The BA Eng program equips students with the necessary skills to succeed in these fields.

    Key Highlights

    • The BA Eng program at Graphic Era (Deemed to be) University has a well-structured curriculum that aims to provide students with a solid foundation in the English language and literature. The curriculum is designed to enable students to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills. The program is divided into six semesters, and each semester covers a variety of subjects related to English language and literature.
    • The core courses may include topics such as English literature, linguistics, creative writing, literary theory, and more. Elective courses may cover topics such as journalism, screenwriting, media studies, and more.
    • The program also includes opportunities for internships, independent research, and study abroad programs to provide students with practical experience in their field of interest and exposure to different cultures and perspectives.
    • The program also offers students opportunities to engage in various extracurricular activities, such as literary clubs, drama societies, and public speaking events, which help students develop their communication skills and broaden their cultural horizons.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is BA English program?

    BA English is a three-year undergraduate program that focuses on the study of English literature, language, and related disciplines. Students enrolled in this program will gain in-depth knowledge of English literature, literary theory, critical thinking, and communication skills. The program typically includes courses on poetry, drama, fiction, linguistics, and cultural studies.

    What are the career prospects after completing BA English program?

    A BA English program opens up a wide range of career opportunities for graduates. They can pursue careers in fields such as education, journalism, publishing, content creation, advertising, public relations, research, and communication. Graduates can also opt for further studies such as a master’s or a doctoral degree in English or related disciplines to pursue academic or research-based careers.

    What are the key skills developed in BA English program?

    A BA English program helps students develop a variety of skills that are highly valued in the job market. These skills include critical thinking, analytical skills, research skills, communication skills, writing skills, and cultural competency. Students also gain an understanding of different cultures, societies, and historical contexts through the study of literature, which enhances their interpersonal and intercultural skills.

    What are the elective courses offered in BA English program?

    BA English program typically offers elective courses such as British Literature, American Literature, Indian Literature, World Literature, Literary Theory, Creative Writing, Linguistics, Gender Studies etc. Students may also have the option to choose elective courses based on their interests and career goals.The curriculum may also include practical components such as writing workshops, presentations, and research projects to develop students’ skills.

    What is the difference between BA (Hons) English and BA English?

    A BA (Hons) English program requires additional coursework, designed for advanced studies in English with an extra year more emphasis on English literature, history is laid upon whereas BA English program has less stringent requirements, suitable for students interested in a broader range of career options.

    Admissions Open 2023

    The application process at Graphic Era is strictly based on the Merit of the qualifying examination with the entire Admission Process available for completion online