BA Political Science (Hons) with Research

A 4-year program exploring political theory, institutions, and global politics. Emphasizes research skills and dissertation, preparing students for diverse careers or Ph.D. programs.

The 4-year BA in Political Science (Hons) with Research program stands at the forefront of undergraduate education, offering students a distinctive avenue to delve into the intricate realms of political science, international relations (IR), and public policy. While the traditional 3-year BA in Political Science (Hons) lays a robust foundation, the extended program presents an alluring opportunity for those craving a deeper academic exploration.

During the initial three years, students in both the 3-year and 4-year programs embark on a comprehensive journey through political science, public administration, history, economics, and psychology. From dissecting political institutions to scrutinizing the complexities of social movements, students delve into multifaceted topics that shape our political landscape. With a sharp focus on contemporary issues like Human Rights and Environmental Politics, the curriculum equips students to navigate the ever-evolving dynamics of our world.

However, it is the fourth year that truly sets the BA in Political Science (Hons) with Research program apart. Here, students dive into specialized realms, honing their research skills under the guidance of seasoned faculty members. Armed with critical analysis and an inquisitive spirit, students delve into the heart of political discourse, exploring pressing issues with scholarly rigor.

This extended program also offers a distinct focus on international relations, unraveling the complexities of global politics and diplomacy. Students engage with topics such as international security, conflict resolution, and global governance, gaining insights into the intricate interactions between states, non-state actors, and international institutions that shape the global landscape. Furthermore, the program places a strong emphasis on public policy, examining the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of policies that affect societies at local, national, and global levels. Students delve into policy analysis, examining the efficacy of policy solutions to address pressing societal challenges, from healthcare reform to climate change mitigation.

By embracing emerging fields within political science, such as digital governance, data-driven policy analysis, and the influence of social media on political communication, students are equipped to tackle contemporary challenges and opportunities in the digital age.

Central to this transformative journey is the Dissertation—a testament to students’ academic prowess and intellectual growth. Guided by mentors, students undertake ambitious research projects, delving deep into topics that ignite their passion within the expansive realms of political science, international relations, and public policy.

As graduates emerge from the BA in Political Science (Hons) with Research program, they are not merely equipped with degrees, but armed with the knowledge, skills, and vision to make meaningful contributions to the field of political science and beyond.

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    Course Information

    Admission Procedure

    Merit prepared on basis of the qualifying exam

    Provisional Admission

    Seats to be allocated based on projected scores(12th), calculated basis the candidate’s 10th percentage – only meritorious students


    Candidates who had passed 12th in any stream from a recognized board of examination in any stream with not less than 60% .

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    Career Prospects

    Graduates of the 4-year BA in Political Science (Hons) with Research program are primed for a multitude of dynamic career paths, leveraging their robust understanding of political theory, research methodologies, and analytical prowess. The landscape of opportunities is diverse and evolving, encompassing traditional roles and emerging avenues:

    Government Roles: From crafting policy as policy analysts and legislative assistants to orchestrating political campaigns or advocating as lobbyists, graduates find a plethora of opportunities within local, state, or federal government agencies.

    Legal Sector: Opportunities abound for graduates to contribute as paralegals, legal assistants, or legal researchers, utilizing their keen analytical skills and deep understanding of legal frameworks.

    International Organizations: Graduates can make their mark as research analysts, program managers, or diplomats within esteemed organizations like the United Nations, World Bank, or International Monetary Fund, navigating the complexities of global governance and diplomacy.

    Non-Profit Sector: In the realm of non-profit organizations, graduates play pivotal roles as community organizers, campaign managers, grant writers, or program managers, driving impactful social change and advocacy initiatives.

    Journalism and Media: Within journalism and mass media, graduates carve out niches as political reporters, editors, or producers, shaping public discourse and informing citizens on crucial political developments and issues.

    Expanding Horizons: Beyond traditional roles, graduates explore diverse avenues such as academia as professors or academic researchers, consulting as political consultants, specializing in international relations, contributing as government research officers, mediating conflicts, conducting social research, evaluating policies, or assisting in research endeavors.

    In essence, graduates emerge from the program not only equipped with degrees but armed with the skills, knowledge, and versatility to thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, driving positive change and innovation across various sectors and disciplines.

    Key Highlights

    Exit Pathway:

    An exit pathway is made available to students during the 5th semester of the program. If a student decides to exit after the third year, they will be awarded a BA in Political Science (Hons) degree while those who choose to continue with the four-year program will be awarded a BA in Political Science (Hons) with Research degree upon successful completion. 

    Further Studies:

    Moreover, students who successfully complete the BA in Political Science (Hons) with Research program gain eligibility for one-year MA in Political Science program. This pathway allows for a smooth transition to further specialize in the field and pursue research and advanced careers in academia, government, international organizations, non-profit organizations, journalism, and more.

    Research-Centric Approach and Ph.D. Programs:

    The 4-year BA in Political Science (Hons) with Research program takes a research-centric approach, encouraging students to engage deeply in independent research and critical analysis. Throughout their studies, students will learn to apply various research methodologies to investigate political phenomena and contribute to the field’s scholarly knowledge.

    This research-focused approach prepares students for direct admission to Ph.D. programs in political science, provided they graduate with a minimum academic performance of 75 percent. Graduates meeting this criterion will have the opportunity to pursue advanced studies and contribute to cutting-edge research in political science and related fields. Students who score below 75 percent are required to pursue one-year MA in Political Science to become eligible for Ph.D. program.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the duration of the BA in Political Science (Hons) with Research program?  

    The program is an extended 4-year undergraduate degree offering a comprehensive study of political theory, institutions, and global politics, with a research-oriented approach. 

    Can students exit the program after the third year?  

    Yes, students have the option to exit after the third year, receiving a BA in Political Science (Hons) with Research degree. 

    How does the program prepare students for Ph.D. programs?  

    The research-oriented curriculum and dissertation experience prepare graduates for direct admission to Ph.D. programs in political science or related fields. 

    How does the program foster understanding of global politics? 

    The program provides a deep understanding of global politics, covering topics such as international law, conflict resolution, and comparative politics, preparing graduates for diverse careers with a global perspective. 

    How is BA in Political Science (Hons) with Research program different from BA in Political Science (Hons)?  

    The BA in Political Science (Hons) with Research program differs from the standard BA in Political Science (Hons) in terms of duration and focus. The BA in Political Science (Hons) with Research is an extended 4-year program, allowing students to delve deeper into research-oriented subjects. It emphasizes developing students’ independent research and critical analysis skills, culminating in a mandatory dissertation. This research-centric approach prepares graduates for advanced studies and research-oriented careers, making them versatile professionals in various fields. 

    Admissions Open 2024

    The application process at Graphic Era is strictly based on the Merit of the qualifying examination with the entire Admission Process available for completion online