BA Sociology (Hons) with Research

A 4-year undergraduate program immersing students in sociology, cultural studies, and research. Emphasis on research and dissertation, nurturing versatile professionals for advanced studies and diverse careers in BA Sociology (Hons) with Research. 

The BA in Sociology (Hons) with Research program is a four-year undergraduate course aimed at providing students with a comprehensive understanding of sociology and research-oriented subjects. This program offers students the option to choose between the standard 3-year BA in Sociology (Hons) and the extended 4-year BA in Sociology (Hons) with Research option. 

During the initial three years, students enrolled in both the 3-year and 4-year programs will follow the same curriculum. The first three years are dedicated to introducing students to the fundamentals of sociology, social theories, research methodologies, and academic writing. Students will also study topics such as social structures, cultural studies, and sociological perspectives. 

They will delve deeper into sociological research, data analysis, social issues, and contemporary social problems. Additionally, students will study specialized areas like gender studies, multiculturalism, and social inequalities. 

The fourth year of the BA in Sociology (Hons) with Research program allows students to specialize in research-oriented subjects. This includes courses such as Research Methodology, which equips students with valuable skills to conduct independent research and critical analysis. 

It is also mandatory for students enrolled in the BA in Sociology (Hons) with Research program to submit a dissertation as part of their academic requirements. The dissertation serves as a culmination of their research-oriented studies and showcases their ability to conduct independent research and critical analysis in a chosen area of sociology or related subjects. 

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    Course Information

    Admission Procedure

    Merit prepared on basis of the qualifying exam

    Provisional Admission

    Seats to be allocated based on projected scores(12th), calculated basis the candidate’s 10th percentage – only meritorious students


    Candidates who had passed 12th in any stream from a recognized board of examination in any stream with not less than 60% .

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    Career Prospects

    The BA in Sociology (Hons) with Research program equips graduates with a broad range of skills, including critical analysis, research, writing, and communication, making them valuable contributors to various organizations. Graduates can pursue diverse career paths, including but not limited to: 

    • Social Worker: they provide assistance and support to individuals, families, and communities to help them cope with personal and social problems. 
    • Community Organizer: work with communities to bring about positive social change by creating campaigns, advocacy, and building alliances. 
    • Research Assistant: support research projects by collecting and analyzing data, preparing reports, and assisting with publications. 
    • Human Resource Specialist: they work in various organizations to manage employee relations, recruitment, and training. 
    • Non-profit Administrator: Individuals who manage non-profit organizations, fundraising, and grant writing. 
    • Public Policy Analyst; they research and analyze public policies, conduct evaluations, and make recommendations for policy changes. 
    • Criminal Justice Officer: Criminal justice officers work in law enforcement and corrections, focusing on issues such as rehabilitation, re-entry, and recidivism for the convicts 
    • Market Research Analyst: Market research analysts work in business and marketing firms to analyze consumer behaviour, preferences, and trends. 
    • Diversity and Inclusion Specialist: Diversity and inclusion specialists promote diversity and inclusion in workplaces, communities, and schools. 

    The program’s emphasis on research and critical analysis prepares graduates for meaningful contributions in various sectors, addressing social issues and driving positive change within society. 

    Key Highlights

    Exit Pathway: An exit pathway is made available to students during the 5th semester. If a student decides to exit after the third year, they will be awarded a BA in Sociology (Hons) degree. However, those who choose to continue with the four-year program will be awarded a BA in Sociology (Hons) with Research degree upon successful completion. 

    Further Studies: Moreover, students who successfully complete the BA in Sociology (Hons) with Research program gain eligibility for a one-year MA degree. This pathway allows for a smooth transition to advanced studies for those who wish to further specialize in sociology or related fields. 

    Research-Centric Approach: The program’s research-centric approach prepares students for direct admission to Ph.D. programs, provided they graduate with a minimum of 75 percent. For students who achieve below 75% in their BA in Sociology (Hons) with Research, pursuing the one-year MA degree becomes mandatory to get admission to a Ph.D. program. This ensures that students are equipped with the necessary research and analytical skills to pursue advanced studies and contribute to academia in their chosen field. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can students exit the program after the third year? 

    Yes, students have the option to exit after the third year. However, they will be awarded a BA in Sociology (Hons) degree (not a BA in Sociology (Hons) with Research degree) 

    Are there opportunities for practical experience during the program?  

    Yes, students may have opportunities for internships or practical projects, providing real-world experience and further enhancing their skills in the chosen field. 

    Can students pursue careers in education after completing the BA in English (Hons) with Research?  

    Yes, graduates with a BA in Sociology (Hons) with Research can pursue careers in education, such as becoming sociology lecturers, researchers, or educators, due to their specialized knowledge and research skills. 

    Can students continue their academic journey in research and academia?  

    Yes, the research-centric approach and eligibility for Ph.D. programs enable graduates to pursue research and academic careers, contributing to the field of Sociology and Communication. 

    How is BA in Sociology (Hons) with Research program different from BA in Sociology? 

    The BA in Sociology (Hons) with Research program differs from the standard BA in Sociology (Hons) in two main aspects: duration and emphasis. The BA with Research is an extended 4-year program, while the standard BA Sociology is typically a 3-year program. The BA with Research places a strong emphasis on a research-centric approach, fostering independent research and critical analysis skills. 

    Admissions Open 2024

    The application process at Graphic Era is strictly based on the Merit of the qualifying examination with the entire Admission Process available for completion online