B. Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering IoT (Internet of Things)

B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering IoT (Internet of Things) is a specialized program that focuses on the integration of electronics and communication engineering with the latest advancement in IoT Technology.

B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering with a specialization in IoT is a four-year undergraduate program that amalgamates the fundamentals of Electronics and Communication Engineering with the pioneering technology in IoT

The program is designed in a way to equip the students with the latest knowledge of the advancements and technologies in the field of electronics and communication that are relevant to the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to the interrelation of devices over the internet, allowing them to communicate and exchange data without any user interaction.

About the Specialization

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a field of specialization that focuses on the development and implementation of interconnected devices, sensors, and other smart technologies that can communicate with each other and exchange data over the Internet. With the rapid growth of IoT, there is a rising demand for professionals who specialize in this field. These specialists are responsible for designing and developing IoT devices, analyzing data collected from them, and creating applications that can leverage the data generated by these devices. They work across various industries, including healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing, to optimize processes and create innovative solutions that improve efficiency and productivity. As IoT continues to expand, the demand for IoT specialists will only continue to increase.

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    Course Information

    Admission Procedure

    Merit prepared on basis of the qualifying exam

    Provisional Admission

    Seats to be allocated based on projected scores(12th), calculated basis the candidate’s 10th percentage – only meritorious students



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    Key Highlights

    The curriculum of the program covers a wide range of subjects like Digital Electronics, Communication Systems, Microprocessors, Wireless Communication, Basic Electronics Engineering, Digital Electronics, Network Analysis, and Synthesis, Signals, and Systems embedded systems Computer Networks etc.

    • B.Tech IoT program mentors students with both conceptual and functional education and abilities required to design and implement IoT-based systems.
    • Students also learn to operate and manage communication networks and work with diverse technologies like Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

    Graphic era Deemed-to-be University provides its students with extensive laboratory sessions, projects, and internships that cater to them with first-hand experience in designing, implementing, and testing IoT-based devices and systems. This experience enables the students the opportunity to work on real-world problems and develop solutions that address real-world needs and encourage students to innovate and create novel ideas by promoting research activities. The program provides students with the opportunity to collaborate with the industry on projects and internships, ensuring they are industry-ready by the end of the course. Our institution also offers guest lectures from industry experts, which allows students to gain practical knowledge of the latest trends in the field.

    Career Prospects

    B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (IoT) is a leading provider of communications and Information Technology solutions. This industry is responsible for providing System Design, Development, Installation, and support, for organizations in a wide variety of industries such as Telecommunications, Automation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Security, Agriculture, Transportation, and others. They can also pursue higher studies to research and innovate in this rapidly growing field. The career prospects in ECE IoT are vast and varied, and there is a high demand for skilled individuals in this field. Some of the career occupations are- 

    IoT Engineer: Graduates can work as IoT Engineers, designing and developing IoT-based devices and applications. They can work on projects related to smart homes, smart cities, industrial automation, and more. 

    Communication Engineer: Communication Engineers design and develop communication systems for IoT devices. They can work on projects related to wireless networks, satellite communication, and more. 

    Data Analyst: A Data Analyst analyses data collected from IoT devices to identify patterns and trends. They work on data visualizations, statistical analysis, and machine learning. 

    Research and Development Engineer: A research and development Engineer conducts novel studies and analyses on developing modern technologies and works towards enhancing the extant ones. They work on prototyping, testing, and authentication of new technologies. 

    Cybersecurity Specialist: A cybersecurity specialist ensures the security of IoT devices and systems. They work on hazard analysis, vulnerability assessment, and security verification. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What skills will I develop in B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering IoT program?

    The program aims to develop skills such as wireless communication, data analytics, sensor technologies, programming languages, and hardware design.

    Can I pursue higher studies after completing B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering IoT program?

    Yes, you can pursue higher studies such as M.Tech, MBA or other specialized courses in IoT or related fields.

    What is B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering IoT program?

    B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering IoT is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the principles of electronics and communication engineering along with the concepts of Internet of Things.

    How can I build a career in IoT after completing B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering IoT program?

    You can build a career in IoT by gaining experience in the field through internships and hands-on projects, keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, and pursuing higher studies in IoT or related fields.

    Admissions Open 2023

    The application process at Graphic Era is strictly based on the Merit of the qualifying examination with the entire Admission Process available for completion online